Everyone became too irked with the new generation of how they’re destroying almost all established industries with new inventions, affordable alternatives, and breaking the norm by being a digital nomad or living lives in freedom with unschooled kids. 

From the articles that you frequently see on Facebook about millennials, telling you how you should live your life by quitting an office-based job and join the booming freelancing industry, giving quirky and unusual ideas to devour an avocado, and tons of shared stories saying how awful the current generation is. Let’s admit it. We REALLY don’t know what happened, and all of a sudden, everyone became enraged with how life should be as a parent, a child, and a citizen.

Here’s the thing. As a millennial mom, who grew up learning how to balance study and play with books and game consoles, the digital natives and early dreamers shouldn’t be discouraged.

Ever heard about Zentennials?

Generation Z, also known as Centennials, Post-Millennials, or iGeneration, are kids born in 2000 or later. Now in their teens or high school, the Gen Z population numbers some 2 billion globally. Gen Z make up roughly 30 percent of the population. Only two countries in the world has a big population of kids in our time, one being the Philippines.

This generation grew up with technology. These kids are digital natives who not only
process information faster, but are also great multi-taskers. They can’t wait to get on with their lives, opting to join the workforce at an earlier age or take the entrepreneurial route to start their own ventures. Though they are global thinkers, they place a very high value on individuality. They want to make their mark on the world, fast!

With their global perspective, the Zentennials have the potential to be one of the best, if not the greatest generation on the planet given the right opportunities to grow and nurture their talents, interests and skills.

RAISING GEN Z Conference
Zentennials: The Making of The Greatest Filipino Generation

To start the discussion this new generation, Our Awesome Planet  , the country’s premiere lifestyle blog, and Mommy Mundo,  have teamed up for Raising Genz Z: The Making of the Greatest Filipino Generation scheduled for September 9, 2017 at the SMX Convention Center, SM Aura Taguig.

The very first conference of its kind, Raising Gen Z will gather the country’s top experts,
advocates, and influencers from the digital, academe, business, and parenting spheres. More than gaining a deeper understanding of Generation Z, it hopes to provide those who are in the position to grow and guide Gen Z’ers with tools to properly hone their innate skills and inclinations.

The vision of this conference is to help transform the Philippines into social media capital of the world in terms of content production, bringing creativity and ingenuity into the global arena.

Thinking of attending the conference? Here’s the line-up of the speakers with their topics:

1. Parenting Generation Z by Anthony Pangilinan and Hannah Pangilinan

2. The Spartan Program: Raising Filipino Men with Honor by Tony Meloto

3. Nurturing Generation Z by Dr. Queena Lee-Chua

4. Ready for Gen Z: Understanding their Psyche, Building Character & Connecting
with the Zs by Chelet Tanjuatco

5. Educating the Robotics & Minecraft Generation: What’s New in School Learning
Techniques by Gilbert Zamora

6. Born Digital by Cris Tagle

7. Are You Ready for Gen Z? by Geia Lopez

Ticket prices for RAISING GEN Z:

● Single Rate – Php 1,500 per person
● Couple Rate – Php 1,200 per person
● Group of 5 or more: Php 1,000 per person

For more information and ticket reservation, visit www.mommymundo.com

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