In case you missed, I have a young earthling who knows how to turn my day upside down. A little girl who loves to keep everyone smiling and laughing out loud with her wittiness and silly jokes.

Yes, Nini turned 6 last month. I am both feeling happy and sappy at the same time.  

Three days before her special day, I found myself weeping. I was relentlessly scrolling our old photos and couldn’t help myself but to cry when I saw how adorable and small she was. I can still remember the cute sounds she made, and what her first word was. That night became like a major throwback. I can’t believe how big she is now.

She immensely loves adventures and staycations. Something she surely inherited from me! Because I’m an April gal, I’ve been spoiled with unplanned trips and frequent out-of-town vacations.  It’s what I’ve missed the most when I moved in with my husband. Now that she’s starting to embrace life as a grade-schooler, I think we’ll frequent going out of the house.

To celebrate her birthday, me and my husband thought of doing what we love the most. What else? Staycation!

Since we’re a big family, we rented three bedrooms via Airbnb at SMDC Sea Residences. We had to rent another room because they only have two bedrooms good for 5 people. It cost us roughly 6000+++ for an overnight stay. It was worth it.

SMDC Sea Residences’ have 4 pools to lure you in dipping to beat the heat. They have one lap pool, infinity pool, kiddie pools and cute tropical tree displays with shower heads for kids to enjoy.

We really haven’t fully explored the entire condominium for their other amenities available for short stay tenants, but I think it’s pretty cool to live here.


Then, the evening came. Guess where we decided to spend the rest of the night?

Because we were just staying in Pasay, we decided to visit Okada Manila.

Meet Mamu and our newest addition to the family, Zoe!

It was everyone’s first time to be at Okada. Since the place is new, most of the stores are still closed.

The reason why we ended up at Okada. We were fascinated by the tales of how amazing their world-class water fountain show is. It didn’t disappoint. It was absolutely tremendous.

Before we left Okada, we tried our luck in the casino. I tested my fate at one of Britney Spears-themed slot machines. I won P4 on my first try and lost the entire bet after the last hit.

I was so happy Nico didn’t have the same fate like mine. He tried the Game Of Throne’s slot machine and bagged the first entry jackpot worth P1200! He just placed P100 and because of Nini’s lucky kiss, we won P1700 in total. It sure is not as big as all the players came there for, but DAMN it felt great.

We gladly stopped and encashed it right away, haha!

We ended the night with the surprise cake I asked my friend to make for me. A simple Poppy from Trolls, with rainbow drippings and yummy fondant. Her smile and tight says how happy she was.

Aaaaaand… I hope we could squeeze in more staycations before the year ends. I think it’s one of the things that could make this momma keep her sanity. 

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